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Meet Our Lead Pastors: Glenn & Kim Miller

For over three decades, Bishop Glenn and Kim Miller "Lady K" have been the heart and soul of Life Christian Center in Bellwood, guiding and nurturing our congregation with unwavering dedication, wisdom, and compassion.

With a shared commitment to serving their community and spreading the message of love and faith, Glenn and Kim have led Life Christian Center with grace, vision, and humility. Their journey as pastors is a testament to their deep-rooted faith and their unwavering belief in the transformative power of God's love.

Under their leadership, Life Christian Center has flourished into a vibrant hub of spiritual growth, community outreach, and impactful ministry. Bishop Glenn's dynamic preaching and Lady K's nurturing spirit have touched countless lives, inspiring individuals to discover their purpose, deepen their faith, and make a positive difference in the world around them.

Beyond their roles within the church, the miller family are pillars of strength and support within the community, extending their care and compassion to those in need and championing causes that reflect the values of love & compassion.

As we celebrate over 30 years of their pastoral leadership, we honor Bishop Glenn and Lady K for their unwavering commitment, their servant hearts, and their tireless dedication to building a community where all are welcomed, valued, and embraced.

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