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"SunShine Corner"


Life is full of Seasons!  Just as our Year has four Seasons so does our lives and they  will definitely change. We can expect the same in our Lives, but I admonish you to bring in your SunShine into your Season! 

You may be in your Summer, whereas someone else is in their Winter. Whatever the season for you, Know this -- it will Change in Due Time, and you can make it through it whether Steaming Hot or Bitterly Cold!


Ecclesiastes 3 Tells us all about Seasons and Time.

Remember God is with you in Every Season!

Motto:   Let Your Rays of SunShine Reach and Touch Somebody's Life!

Hey SunShine!

Enjoy inspirational words from

 Lady K Miller, as well as interviews! 

It just may be some one you know!

"Spotlighting Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things"


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To dig deep, you do a very thorough investigation into something. 

Dig Deep! 

The Word of the Lord in Psalm 42:7 says:  

"Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me."

The sons of Korah could only remember what it was like to take part in worship with shouts of joy in the festive processionals. In the reminiscing, the songwriter attempts to encourage himself in the Lord and place his hope in God. The deepest part of them longed for the Deepness of God!

Deep Calleth to the Deep

"Dig Deep"


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