Our ministry is designed to enhance and enrich women's lives; young as well as the more seasoned women and from all walks of life. We began as a small group meeting in women's homes as a support group where refreshments were served and the study of God's word was done in an intimate fashion.  As the support group increased in numbers, more activities and various functions were developed and our new calling emerged. 

We became the "Women of Valor." 
From that time until the present, our vision has enlarged and growth has been tremendous!
 Our new goal is to grow and build women's lives relationally, one life at a time.

Royalty!!! 2018

 Lady K
Director of Women of Valor

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You Are His Royal Daughter! Say this Daily!!!

The Promise:

I am a Beautiful Daddy`s
I am my Father, God`s Child
I honor God, my Parents, those in Authority, Myself and my Fellow Sisters
My goal is to Love, Learn and Lead
I am Destined to Succeed and Will Not be Distracted by anyone!

Life Christian Center International
Women of Valor
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