Glenn E. Miller Sr. was brought up in Holiness. His walk with God began in 1972 at the age of 14 years old. He served in various capacities of ministry for 19 years under the guidance and leadership of the late Bishop Odears  Wright Jr., pastor of Bethel Apostolic Faith Church. A believer in education, employment, and leadership, he was employed at a grocery chain for many years as an Associate Manager.  He also continued his education at Triton College further his knowledge in the business field. He began his preaching ministry in May of 1979 through the tutelage of his Bishop Wright. (Spiritual Father) During those years, he served in numerous area of the church, Youth President of Illinois State Youth Auxiliary, National Youth Treasurer Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.  God use him one of the most profound praise and worship leaders. 

In May of 1991, his call for pastoral ship became clear with him stepping out to begin the church ministry of Bethel Community Outreach Ministries.(BCOM) teaching people how to become all they could be. In a short amount of time expansion of the ministry began to manifest with hundreds of souls being won to Christ. In April of 1997, the church purchased an old warehouse and transformed it into a house of worship.  Expanding the name of the ministry was changed to “Life Christian Center International” in 2004., Growing ministry that has touched lives over the years, at which he is the senior pastor. God has given Pastor Miller favor to personally mentor executives and individuals in both spiritual and natural development. Pastor Miller started a Community based organization, which is Citizens Center for United Services (CCUS), and has been in existence since 1996.  People have been feed through their Food Pantry and Referral Program. This organization is structured to assist people in self-discovery and self-improvement.

 In March of 2001 a motel was purchased, gutted out and renovated into the Life Center Administration Building, which houses all of the administrative offices of Life Christian Center International. Namely, CCUS, the community based organization, BCOM Care Learning Center Before & After- Care and GEM Ministries' Media Department and Youth Training Center. His leadership role has taken him into numerous arenas, such as being a member of the Village of Bellwood’s Community Economic Development Committee, hosting community – based outreach meetings held by Senator Kimberly Lightford  and State Representative Karen Yarbrough.

Pastor Miller was consecrated Bishop in 2001 through the World Assemblies of Restoration, where Bishop James Nelson, Sr. is the Presiding Prelate (Spiritual Father). Glenn E. Miller is one of the most innovative and creative spiritual leaders of his generation. He believes in building people though the word that will change their lives in spreading the message of faith and hope. In 2011 Bishop Miller was appointed as Auxiliary Youth Bishop of PCAF. It is his desire is to bring awareness to this generation that “Life is Worth Living!”

Glenn E. Miller, Sr. & Lady K Miller have been married since March 3, 1979 and are blessed with four beautiful children - Jenese, Veronica, Glenn, II and Jeremiah.  All his children are actively involved in Ministry.



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